Jose Sarduy

Tour Dates

Jun 17 - Jul 1 - Seward, AK
Stand Up @ NCL Jewel
Jul 21 - Jul 24 - Miam, FL
Stand Up @ CCL-Pride
Aug 1 - Aug 1 - Abilene, TX
Stand Up @ Mesquite Event Center-New Horizon's Charity Gala
Aug 21 - Aug 21 - Sun City, SC
Stand Up @ TBA
Aug 29 - Sep 2 - Tampa, FL
Stand Up @ CCL Paradise
Sep 22 - Oct 11 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Stand Up @ HAL Nieuw Amsterdam
Oct 25 - Oct 27 - Albany, NY
Stand Up @ APCA Northeast
Nov 3 - Nov 6 - Miami, FL
Stand Up @ CCL Horizon
Nov 8 - Nov 10 - Dallas, TX
Stand Up @ APCA South
Dec 16 - Dec 21 - Port Canaveral, FL
Stand Up @ CCL Freedom


Gathering material from a wealth of life experiences, Jose takes audiences on the rollercoaster ride that?s been his life.? Born in Cuba and deported because of his father?s political prisoner status, he came to the U.S. at a young age. Growing up with a hard working, and always quirky, Cuban family brought loads of funny moments everyday.? From his mother?s ability to kill a chicken with her bare hands, to his Dad?s ability to hit on any woman, anytime, there was never a dull moment.? What they did best was teach him to work hard for his dreams, and not forget how to laugh at life and himself.

He made them proud when, after high school, he was accepted to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado.? He became an officer in the Air Force, is an accomplished aviator, and is a veteran having served in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.? He?s been all over the world and has even been shot at in two countries.? This and more he brings to the stage believing that, ?if you can?t laugh at a hard time in your life, you ain?t over it yet.?


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